Scout Tracking Update

Many of you have asked when the BSA Scout tracking option will be available. We are working hard at getting it ready. We hope to roll it out on June 13th. We are focusing on creating a product that helps track the Trail to Eagle. Many programs out there have lot’s of features that never get used. We try to keep it simple. Provide a way to track their progress and get to the reports easily.

We look forward to rolling this out and would love to hear from you on ideas or suggestions for improvments.

Welcome to my Blog

I am starting this Blog to keep people up to date on the development of the website I am developing. I am trying to create a site where Scout leaders can track the progress of their scouts. It is nice to have the data centralized where all leaders have access to the information. I only finished a portion of the site which is the LDS Duty to God requirements. I started with this program because it has fewer requirements than the scouting program. This way I could create a framework that could then be extended to handle scout tracking.

I am interested in your feedback and would hope that you could provide me information to help make this site a success for all those who use it.