Automatic Report via E-Mail

You can now schedule reports to be delivered via e-mail to anyone with an e-mail address. Here are some ways people are using it:

  • E-mail parents once a month with their Young Man’s Individual report
  • E-mail bishopric the Quorum Summary Reports
  • E-mail YM Presidency the Quorum Summary Reports
  • E-mail Quorum Secretary Quorum Detail Report

This is a great option for that leader that doesn’t use the Internet that much. Just have the reports e-mailed to them.

To access this feature, visit and click on the Reports option on the top menu.

We would like to hear your feedback on this new feature. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve it.



Alternate Web Address

Our current web address has a scouting focus. Because this site is primarily used for the Duty to God program, we also registered another name that would help everyone remember it. We are excited to announce that we have registered

You can continue to access the site from either web address. Both addresses will go to the same place. We hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion.

Scout Tracking is almost ready

Scout Tracking will be rolled out sometime within the next week. In preparation, I need all leaders to add their Troop number to their profile. Once this is complete, I will make sure all of your boys are associated with the Troop. Upon me completing that step, you will be able to start tracking your boys and their progress in the Scout program as well as the Duty to God program.

You will have access to reports which will help you visually see the progress of all of the boys. If you have certain reports that you would like to have, let me know so I can start working on them. Please just reply to this post. I will have more details on this when I roll out Scout tracking later this week.

I would like to have a couple of Troops try out my Scout tracking before I let it go live for everyone else. If you are interested in helping me with this test, please let me know.

Right now the Scout Tracking is very basic. However, I hope to continue development efforts to ensure that it is complete and very useful.

Finally, I must say thanks to Greg Reinhardt, my good friend and SQL Expert who has helped me get to where it is now.

More information to follow…….

Beta Testers Wanted for Automatic Report E-mails

We have a new feature that we would like to test out with anyone who is interested. We have the ability to schedule any of the available reports to be e-mailed on a regular basis. For example, you could have the Quorum Detail report e-mailed to all leaders once a week. This is a nice feature for those who do not log onto the site. We can also set it up to have an Individual Report e-mailed to the parents.

If you are interested in helping us test this feature, please e-mail me at or reply to this posting.

What’s new for

We have put the finishing touches on a few things. First we fixed problems with the notes field. If you entered Notes for a Young Man and didn’t include a date, the system put in an artificial date of 1/1/1900. This is now fixed and you are able to add notes at any time.

We also added the Notes to the Individual Report. This way you can see those Notes easily. Some Wards use it to record goals etc.

We also fixed the Quorum Report to add shading to every other row. This makes it a lot easier to read.

We have a lot of other things that we are working on. I will keep you posted when they are completed.

If you have suggestions for making the site better, please e-mail me at or reply to this posting.