Scout Tracking is almost ready

Scout Tracking will be rolled out sometime within the next week. In preparation, I need all leaders to add their Troop number to their profile. Once this is complete, I will make sure all of your boys are associated with the Troop. Upon me completing that step, you will be able to start tracking your boys and their progress in the Scout program as well as the Duty to God program.

You will have access to reports which will help you visually see the progress of all of the boys. If you have certain reports that you would like to have, let me know so I can start working on them. Please just reply to this post. I will have more details on this when I roll out Scout tracking later this week.

I would like to have a couple of Troops try out my Scout tracking before I let it go live for everyone else. If you are interested in helping me with this test, please let me know.

Right now the Scout Tracking is very basic. However, I hope to continue development efforts to ensure that it is complete and very useful.

Finally, I must say thanks to Greg Reinhardt, my good friend and SQL Expert who has helped me get to where it is now.

More information to follow…….

1 thought on “Scout Tracking is almost ready

  1. I would love to help test out the scout tracking.

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