New eTrailToEagle Store

We have added a new section to our site called the eTrail Store.

Check out the store often to see unique items that we feel are great products.

You can visit the store by going to:

Today we are featuring a puzzle created by Artist Eric Dowdle. Those of you who have been to Scout Camp need to take a look at this puzzle. It will bring back great memories.

NOTE: If you have items that you would like to see in the store, please let us know. E-mail us at

Common Question about

We receive a lot of e-mails everyday with questions about One of the common questions we get is, “How long do you plan to be around?”

Many of you do not want to enter in all of your data and then come back the next day and find out the website is no longer available. This is not going to happen with It is our goal to be around for a very long time. To help support the operations of this website, we will be charging a yearly fee to those who use the Scout Tracking feature. We feel that by doing this, we can ensure that stays around forever. Please note that the Duty to God tracking will always be free.

When we finish our upgrade to the Scouting module, we will then start charging for the service. All of you who have graciously donated funds to will not have to pay for the Scouting module. It will be free for the first year.

We hope that you all understand that we are serious about providing a great tool that everyone can benefit from. We are planning to roll out the Scout tracking to non-LDS troops as well. We are excited about the growth we have seen. We hope that by using this website, your Young Men will advance and achieve all the goals that you are helping them set.

Changes in Duty to God Requirements

Many of you may not have noticed, but some of the requirements for Duty to God have recently changed. If you visit the Church’s website, you will notice that the new pamphlets posted for Duty to God have a few changes in the requirements. Most of the changes are minor. Please click here to see what changed:

We have updated to match the new requirements posted on the Church’s website. Please make sure you have the latest pamphlets to give to your Young Men.

Scout Tracking Update

We are working on updating our Scout Tracking module with a lot of new features. Some of these features include:

  • Merit Badges will be linked to the Rank Requirements
  • Comprehensive Individual Report
  • Track service hours
  • Track camping trips
  • Auto sign off–when you enter a date in the Board of Review field, all the other requirements will be marked as passed. Saves data entry time.
  • Better Troop reports
  • Report Subscriptions–schedule reports to be delivered via e-mail at any given time.
  • Visual information on related requirements with Duty to God.

Our goal is to provide you with a Scout Tracking tool where you can perform all of the tracking requirements for the BSA program.

New Upgrade to

Over the weekend of March 3rd, we will be performing a major upgrade on

The upgrade provides new features in the following areas:

  • New layout designed for easier navigation
  • Improved speed of the website
  • Improved security of the information stored on our website.
  • More details on Report Subscription page. Now you can include a detailed message to accompany the e-mail.

The new layout is definately different, however, we tried to keep the menu options the same so you will not have to worry about learning where all the options are.

If you access the site this weekend and have troubles logging in, please know that we are working on it and hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.

As always, we welcome your feedback.


Nathan Anderson