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We receive a lot of e-mails everyday with questions about One of the common questions we get is, “How long do you plan to be around?”

Many of you do not want to enter in all of your data and then come back the next day and find out the website is no longer available. This is not going to happen with It is our goal to be around for a very long time. To help support the operations of this website, we will be charging a yearly fee to those who use the Scout Tracking feature. We feel that by doing this, we can ensure that stays around forever. Please note that the Duty to God tracking will always be free.

When we finish our upgrade to the Scouting module, we will then start charging for the service. All of you who have graciously donated funds to will not have to pay for the Scouting module. It will be free for the first year.

We hope that you all understand that we are serious about providing a great tool that everyone can benefit from. We are planning to roll out the Scout tracking to non-LDS troops as well. We are excited about the growth we have seen. We hope that by using this website, your Young Men will advance and achieve all the goals that you are helping them set.

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  1. I was just wondering what the charge will be for the scouting part of etrail?

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