Important Change in Duty to God Tracking

We are working on some enhancements on the Duty to God Tracking module. Many of you have requested that we have an easy way to track a Young Man and his progress between the three quorums. Currently, we do not have an easy way to handle this.

To help make our product easier to use, we are making the following changes:

1. Young Men will automatically be assigned to a Quorum based on their Birthday. NOTE: This means that the birthday must be accurate for this feature to work properly. If their birthday is not accurate, your Roster will be inaccurate. Please make sure you have entered their birthdays correctly.

2. Young Men will automatically be advanced on his birthday to the next quorum. Each night, our system will make this change at Midnight Pacific Standard Time. You will not have to manually advance them any more.

3. When you click on a Young Man’s name in the Roster, the summary screen will have the option to view his progress in all three quorums. With this feature, a Young Man that is a Teacher may still have a few items to complete from the Deacons requirements. You can easily switch to the Deacon requirements to see what needs to be done.

We hope that with these upcoming changes you will be able to better help your Young Men complete the full Duty to God program.

As always, we welcome your feedback! E-mail us at


Nathan Anderson

1 thought on “Important Change in Duty to God Tracking

  1. What about less-active or unordained (non-member) boys put into the Scout Tracking System? They show up (according to age) as Priesthood Holders in the Duty to God module!

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