Patrols Just Launched!

Patrols Just launched!
You now have the ability to group your scouts into patrols. Currently, we only allowed scouts to be grouped by age. As we roll out the Patrols feature, all functions that were based on age groups will now be based on Patrols. To view your Patrols, click here:

Patrol Features:
We automatically created four patrols for each Unit. One patrol for each age group and another patrol called Unassigned.A Scout may not be a member of more than one Patrol.A Patrol may not be deleted until there are no members in the Patrol.Reports, Troop Roster and other features will be based on Patrols.

We encourage you to visit the Patrols page and organize your Unit the way you would like.
If you have feedback for us on this new feature, please e-mail us at


New Individual History Report Available!!

We have just finished our new Individual History Report. This new Scout Tracking report will show you everything a Scout has accomplished. It is a complete record of all Ranks, Merit Badges, Awards, and Activities.

To start using this report, click on the Reports option and select the Individual History Report option.If you are not currently using our Scout Tracking Module, register today and see why Troops are making the switch to!

We would love to hear your feedback on this report. Please e-mail us at support@etrailtoeagle.comThanks!