Export to BSA’s ScoutNET System

Many of you have asked if eTrailToEagle.com has the ability to export data that would then be used with re-chartering or the new BSA Advancement website.

We have been working hard at establishing good contacts at the BSA National Council to see what it would take to get these features implemented. This week we finally were able to talk to someone who had knowledge of this feature.

Unfortunately, we did not receive the answer we were looking for. The BSA only allows four vendors at this time to export data to ScoutNET. They have not added a new vendor in over six years. They do not have any plans in the future to provide this feature to other vendors.

In talking with the BSA, they did not rule out the possibility of granting us this option IF our users consistently ask for the feature.

In short, each Unit that is registered with eTrailToEagle.com can help us get this feature by submitting requests to your local council and asking them to forward that on to the National Council. We also recommend that you send your request to the National Council as well.

The requests to the National Council should be sent to:

Director of Information Systems Division
Boy Scout of America
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

We here at eTrailToEagle.com would like to compile a list of Units who would like to see this feature implemented. As we compile a list of interested Units, we will also forward this on to the National Council.

If you have contacts at your local Council or the National Council that you feel might be helpful in getting this feature approved, please forward them to support@etrailtoeagle.com.

Because of the growth that we are seeing here at eTrailToEagle.com, we think we can get the National Council to take a serious look at our request and help us provide you a better tool for re-chartering and recording your advancement records.

Please send us your feedback to support@etrailtoeagle.com


eTrailToEagle.com Team

1 thought on “Export to BSA’s ScoutNET System

  1. Hi I have a question Since Scoutmate and Rank N File have been discontinued. Are you currently part of the ScoutNet. So far I have only found 2 groups part of Scout Net that Troopmaster/Packmaster and Scoutsoft… . Also do you have a version of this program for Cub Scout.

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