Court of Honor Enhancements

Recently we updated our Court of Honor page and Reports. The new Court of Honor page will show you all Ranks, Merit Badges and Awards earned but not yet awarded. Before this upgrade it was not showing Awards for both Scouts and Leaders. Now, it includes a section for Leader Awards that were earned.

We also added a new Court of Honor Purchase Report. This report compiles a purchase list needed when you go to your local Scout Office. This will save you a ton of time. Run this report today to get a feel for how it works. Don’t go to the Scout Office without it!!

These are just a couple of the things we have been working on. We hope to have an automatic Unit Advancement Report completed soon. That report will print in the format that is acceptable by your local Council Office and save you the time of handwriting each Rank Advancement and Merit Badge earned. (This will be a lifesaver for those Court of Honors after Scout Camp.)

We welcome your ideas regarding our Court of Honor functionality. How can we make it better? Would you like to be able to track when an award was purchased AND when it was awarded? Let us know!

Send your feedback to

Thanks, Team

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