Ensuring your data is secure

Many of you have inquired about what we do to backup your data. Many of you have also asked if there was a way for you to backup your data.

At eTrailToEagle, we use industry standard practices when it comes to protecting and securing data. To save you from the boring details, please know that we backup your data multiple times throughout the day. These backups are sent electronically to another location to ensure that we could recover from a failure.

Currently, we do not have a feature that will allow you to backup your data to your computer. However, that is on our product roadmap.

If you have questions or concerns on this issue, please let us know.

Changes to Duty to God Requirements

Back in 2006, the LDS Church changed the requirements slightly for the Duty to God program.  We detail each change here.   You can also click here to see our original posting about this subject.

Double check that you are using the most recent pamphlet.  You can compare your pamphlet with the one online at LDS.org.

One of the most notable changes was Family Activities #3 in the Teachers pamphlet.  They removed it.  It originally stated:

3. Discuss with your parents the purpose of a patriarchal blessing. When you feel ready, talk to your parents about obtaining your patriarchal blessings.

This was removed and now there are only 8 requirements in the Family Activities section for the Teachers.

Report Subscription update for Scout Module

Many of you have asked when the updated Report Subscription feature will be available on the Scout Tracking module.  We are working on this right now and should have it in place this weekend.  Once it is ready we will post information here on our blog.

As we roll out new features, we welcome your feedback.  Our goal is to make the site easy to use.  We want users of all skill levels to be able to navigate and use the site.

This blog is setup to accept your comments.  Just click below to leave us feedback.

Report Subscriptions are new and improved!

We have just released a new update to the Report Subscriptions feature in our Duty to God tracking module.

The Report Subscriptions feature automatically sends reports based on a schedule you select. We have modified this feature to allow you to easily pick the e-mail addresses of leaders and parents you have in the system. This will save you time and also allow you to be more accurate.

We also fixed a problem where our report delivery system was having troubles sending some reports. We completely redesigned our report engine and now you will see that each report is delivered on the schedule you select.

We are sending out thousands of reports to our users each week. If you aren’t taking advantage of this feature, you should start today.