Report Subscriptions are new and improved!

We have just released a new update to the Report Subscriptions feature in our Duty to God tracking module.

The Report Subscriptions feature automatically sends reports based on a schedule you select. We have modified this feature to allow you to easily pick the e-mail addresses of leaders and parents you have in the system. This will save you time and also allow you to be more accurate.

We also fixed a problem where our report delivery system was having troubles sending some reports. We completely redesigned our report engine and now you will see that each report is delivered on the schedule you select.

We are sending out thousands of reports to our users each week. If you aren’t taking advantage of this feature, you should start today.

2 thoughts on “Report Subscriptions are new and improved!

  1. Still only getting scout reports eventhough signed up for DTG reports weekly. Please advise.

    Darren Boyack
    Olathe 2nd Ward

  2. I use the reporting tool to send the parents updates on their sons Duty to God progress monthly. I also put in suggestions of what they can work on for the coming month and which requirements that will fulfill. Since the report change none of the formatting is retained when the email is sent to the parents. It is all just one huge paragraph that is hard to read and follow. Can it at least understand a hard return?

    Todd Foster
    Klein Ward

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