Eagle Project that needs your help

We love to hear about Scouts that are setting goals and achieving them.  One such Scout is doing just that as he has planned a special Eagle Project.  This project will be a soccer clinic for kids with special needs.  This is being done to introduce them to soccer.  It is anticipated that there will be over 140 kids at the camp.

Volunteers are needed to act as buddies at the soccer clinic.  If your troop is available to offer a helping hand, please let Tanner know. 

Here is an excerpt from the flyer: 

Please join us for an exciting night of Soccer, Fun, and Art! 

At the



Friday, September 26, 2008 during U-Fit (6:00-8:00 pm)

At the HPER W Soccer Field and Recreation Building

Organized by Tanner for his Eagle Scout Project

Please e-mail Tanner at sparta96white@yahoo.com  if you have a sibling or parent who would like to volunteer as a buddy! 


Also, we at eTrail would love to post information on the Eagle Projects that are going on in your Troop.  Just send us information about the project and we will post it here.

Congrats to Tanner!  We hope the soccer clinic is a huge success.

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