Questions about Activities

As questions arise about the use of our site, we will post both the question and the answer here.  

The following questions were asked:

  1. How do I add start and ending times into the activities?
  2. How do I change an activity type?  I would like to edit the activity type to add words such as cycling or merit badge.
Answer from eTrail:
  1. Right now you cannot enter start and stop times.  However, in about two weeks, we are updating how we track activities.  We are integrating a calendar function with this.  You will then be able to add start and stop times.  Using the calendar makes it a lot easier to work with all of the activities.
  2. To change the activity type
    1. Click on Activities from the main menu
    2. Click on the Activity Summary tab
    3. Locate the activity you want to modify and click the edit button
    4. Now you can modify the Activity details.

Rapid Growth

We continue to grow rapidly.  Our Duty to God module is now supporting over 4100 Wards.  We are excited about the growth and popularity of our site.

Each day we receive a lot of e-mail from many of you.  We are trying to answer each one and address the questions you have.  Many of you are submitting ideas for improvements and we are gathering all of those ideas together and trying to implement a roadmap with timelines for these changes.

Coming soon we will be rolling out a new design of our website.  The site design will have a more professional look with easier navigation.

We will also be rolling out a new Calendar feature with the Scout module.  Your activities will show up in the calendar.  You will be able to easily edit and make changes to your activities directly from the calendar.  The calendar will also support the iCal format so you can see the calendar events from your favorite calendar application.

We appreciate your support of and look forward to working with you on improving the site.