Questions about Activities

As questions arise about the use of our site, we will post both the question and the answer here.  

The following questions were asked:

  1. How do I add start and ending times into the activities?
  2. How do I change an activity type?  I would like to edit the activity type to add words such as cycling or merit badge.
Answer from eTrail:
  1. Right now you cannot enter start and stop times.  However, in about two weeks, we are updating how we track activities.  We are integrating a calendar function with this.  You will then be able to add start and stop times.  Using the calendar makes it a lot easier to work with all of the activities.
  2. To change the activity type
    1. Click on Activities from the main menu
    2. Click on the Activity Summary tab
    3. Locate the activity you want to modify and click the edit button
    4. Now you can modify the Activity details.

5 thoughts on “Questions about Activities

  1. Changing Activity types. I can change the activity description but I cannot change the activity types such as changing meeting to merit badge or adding another type of activity to the existing list. thanks Gary.

  2. I would like to be able to schedule events in the future and then have eTrail send out reminder/notification emails to the parents and leaders.

    Thanks for a great program!

  3. Adding activities would be greatly enhanced if you could import Excel or .CSV files (even if the header/categories) was fixed. We could then import our calendars to the activity and record the participation for each scout. What say ye?

  4. I was wondering how you would record both the miles on a backpacking trip and the number of nights for camping in the activities module?

  5. I was wondering how you would add both the miles and the number of nights camped if the activity was an overnight backpacking trip?

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