Roles and Permissions

One of our goals here at is to make tracking easy.  In an effort to make things easier, we have modified how permissions are assigned.  For our Scout tracking module, you have 4 options for permissions when you are creating an adult account.  These options include:

  • Scout Leader – full access to make changes and create accounts
  • Scout Leader Read Only – can view information, but can’t make changes
  • Scout Parent – full access to make changes to son(s) record
  • Scout Parent Read Only – can view son(s) information, but can’t make changes

The same permissions are available for our Duty to God tracking module.

A new change is that an account can only be a member of one role at a time.  Before, we allowed an account to be a member of a leader role and a parent role.  This was causing a lot of confusion so we decided to simplify.  We have also updated the pages that list all leaders and parents and made it easier to work with.  You will now see a complete list of all leaders and parents.  If a leader or parent doesn’t have a role, they will show up red in the list.  Please note that a leader will not be able to access anything if they do not belong to a role.

We are interested in your feedback on these changes.  Let us know if you think it makes it easier to create and manage leader and parent accounts.

1 thought on “Roles and Permissions

  1. I have assigned parents to be able to update tehir sons account in scouting. When they log in they see a screen that asks them to go to the scout roster. When they select this, it comes back stating there are no scouts.
    They can go to the left nav and select merit badges, etc. However they are not provided with an opportunity to add activities.

    Activities ar e important as individuals also do service projects which much be recorded, and this should be done at the individual level.

    So two things> No Roster when parents view and Activities is not an option for them to add things.

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