New BSA Advancement Report

How many times have you filled out the advancement report after a Scout Camp or a Merit Badge Pow Wow?  It can take a long time to fill this report in if you have a large troop.  Well, we are glad to announce a new Advancement Report that will do all of this for you.  This new report is part of the Court of Honor option in

Here is a sample of what the report looks like:

To use this new report you will need to click on Court of Honor from the menu.  There you will see a list of awards that have been earned, but not yet purchased or awarded.  Our new report will include any Merit Badge and rank advancement that has not been purchased.  If these are items on this list that have already been purchased, make those changes before printing the report.

To run the report, use the report options at the bottom of the Court of Honor page.  Please note the other two reports that you can use.  One is a shopping list that makes it easy to know exactly what you need to purchase.  The other report is a presentation report that is useful when you are holding the Court of Honor.

We encourage everyone to start using this report immediately.  It will save you a lot of time!

As always, we welcome your feedback.  Please send us an e-mail at or make a comment on ourFacebook page.


The Team

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