LDS Duty to God Based on Trio of Imperatives

The LDS Church has announced a new program for their Duty to God award. The article below discusses the basis for the new program:

Quote from the article:

‘In an October 2008 general conference address, President Thomas S. Monson listed a trio of imperatives to become a “profitable servant” of the Lord: “First, learn what we should learn. Second, do what we should do. And third, be what we should be.”‘

To read the entire article, click here:


New Geocaching Merit Badge Requirements

The BSA just released the requirements for the Geocaching Merit Badge.  This is a great opportunity for the Scouts in your Unit to get introduced into the fun world of Geocaching.  We have attached a PDF document to this blog post that includes the new requirements.  We have also added the Geocaching merit badge to the list of merit badges available on

We are newbies when it comes to Geocaching.  Last night I took my two kids and we went searching for our first geocache.  I used my Motorola Droid.  I downloaded an application called c:geo.  This apps let’s you login to and then it uses the Droid’s GPS to find caches that are close to your current position.  My two kids absolutely loved the challenge.  We started with two simple ones and now they can’t wait for tonight as we will head out again to look for some more.

How many of you are in to geocaching?  If so, what equipment and tools do you use?  Do you have a separate GPS unit, or do you use your mobile phone with GPS?  We would love to hear your feedback.  Just leave some comments below or on our Facebook page.


The Team

Printable version of the Geocache Merit Badge Requirements

New LDS Duty to God Program

Last weekend the LDS Church announced that they will be releasing a new Duty to God program starting in June of this year. As a result of this announcement, many of you have asked questions. We would like to address some of those now.

Will support the new program?
YES! We will definitely support the new program!

Does already have the materials for the new program?
No. We do not have the new requirements yet. We are trying to get a copy just as soon as possible. If anyone has any contacts that the Church that could help us get these in advance, we would appreciate it.

How long will it take to implement the new program?
It is hard to put a time frame on this as we have not yet seen the new requirements. However, we will give it our highest priority. We should have things ready in reasonable time frame.

Where can I find more information about this new program?
The LDS Church has a website that answers more questions about this new program. You can visit that site here:

As we receive more information on this program, we will post that information here.


The Team