Questions about eTrailToEagle

We receive lots of questions from our users and potential users.  Here is an e-mail we received this week that had great questions.  We thought we would share the answers with you to keep you in the loop:

E-mail from a Scoutmaster:

“I am the scoutmaster and we are looking for a new tracking program as our prior program is no longer being updated. We have researched many products and we like eTrailToEagle. Given our past history, we are concerned that the product we select will be a viable, long-term solution. I have a few questions, as outlined below.”

Can you let us know how many troops currently use the program?

We don’t disclose the exact number, but we do have thousands of registered troops from all over the country.

How many people work full-time to support the site?

We have a team of three people that operate the site.  It is not their full-time job, but at times is seems like one.  We are committed professionals with years of experience in technology and Scouting.  We are committed to providing this service for a very long time.

How often do you update the site?

We are constantly making changes to the site.  Each week we provide new features, updates or fixes.  We receive hundreds of e-mails asking for new features and we are working hard to provide those features.

Do you perform regular back-ups so our data will be safe?

We use industry standard practices when it comes to protecting and securing data.  Backups occur multiple times throughout the day.  These backups are sent electronically to another location to ensure that we could recover from a failure.

How stable are the usage fees and are they sustainable in the future?

We have provided Scout Tracking since January of 2006.  Back in 2006 we charged $19.95.  Today we still charge $19.95.  We obviously reserve the right to adjust pricing as needed, but up to this point we are still priced well below any of the other options out there.

How soon will the Duty to God program be updated?

Our new Duty to God program will be ready for testing in the next week or so.  We will be looking for Wards that are interested in testing this out for us.  Please let us know if you would like to be a tester.

Do you intend to provide tracking for individual merit badge requirements?

This is a feature that is on our list of future enhancements.  Right now we do not have plans in the near future to implement this.  We are working on the new Duty to God program and then we will finish up our new Cub Scout Tracking module.  At that point we will be able to address many of these larger requests.

Many parents are concerned for the safety of their boy’s personal information, how do we know the site is secure?

Our website uses the industry standard SSL.  Short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol used for transmitting private documents via the Internet.  All communications are encrypted for your security.

Have you ever had a security breach and, if so, what happened?

No, we have not had a security breach.  We take all the necessary measures to protect and secure your data.

We appreciate all of the many questions we receive from our users.  If you have other questions that you need answered, please e-mail us at