Enhancements to Activity Tracking

It is our focus to improve our product and make it easier to use everyday. As we roll out new features, it sometimes introduces “bugs” in the system. Through testing and your help, we identify these bugs and work to fix them as soon as possible. The latest bug we squashed was related to the Activity section.

When users would add a new activity that was either a meeting or an outing, the site would ask you for the number of hours. This was a bug and we have now fixed it. When you add an outing or a meeting, you will then be able to record attendance right away.

Thanks to all those that helped us identify this bug.

Merit Badge Summary Improvements

We have made some changes recently to our Merit Badge Summary page.  The main change is with our merit badge listing.  In the past, the list only included the earned merit badges for the selected scout.  Now we have included the partial merit badges as well.


Now with one glance you can see the progress of the scout as it relates to merit badges.  From this same page, you can quickly change the Date Completed or update the Comments field.  The Comments field can be used to include information regarding the requirements yet to be completed.

In addition we are including the date the merit badge was recorded.  Now you can see which leader made the entry and when they did it.

Don’t forget to click on the View by Rank tab to see a detailed view of merit badges earned and how they relate to each rank.


Thoughts on the message from the Chief Scout Executive

Did you read the message from the Chief Scout Executive in recent Scouting Magazine? We love his message on “Why We Recruit.” Here are some excerpts:

“What it’s really all about is the individual experiences that we provide to a young person or a new leader–at every step and every turn.”

“Every time we extend an invitation, lead an outing, or hold a campfire, we need to remember how we can change lives for the better every step of the way.”

–Robert J. Mazzuca, Chieft Scout Executive

We couldn’t agree more.  Focusing on the individual is the way to influence the lives of these great young people.  We hope that by using eTrailToEagle.com you don’t have to worry so much about tracking and can really focus on what matters most.