Rank Eligibility Information Now Part of Individual Rank Summary Report

Stop what you are doing and check out our new Individual Rank Summary report right now. 

We have added a new section to the report called Rank Eligibility.  This new section gives you key information on what needs to happen for your scouts to advance.

Key areas:

  1. When is the scout eligible for his next rank advancement?
  2. How many merit badges are needed for rank advancement?
  3. How much more time is needed in a leadership position?
  4. How many service hours are still needed?

Here is an example of a First Class Scout who received his last rank on 9/25/2011.

At a quick glance, you will know exactly what is needed to help your scouts advance.  How many times has it happened when a scout slipped under the radar and could have advanced much earlier if you had all the information in front of you.
When parent ask what their scout needs to do to advance, you can refer them to this report.  It gives a clear picture of what needs to be done.

Please note that this new section will only appear for scouts that have earned the First Class rank or higher.

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