Android App Update 1.2.6

We have released a new update of our Android app that brings some new features to the application.  One of the big changes was a redesign of our Troop Directory page.  The page is easier to read and has the following new functions:

  • Click on an e-mail address to quickly send an e-mail
  • Click on the street address and it opens in Google Maps
  • Click on a phone number and it launches the phone dialer


In addition, we have added the ability to add a scout right from the app.  Just click on Troop Roster and click on the Add Scout button.



We are dedicated to bringing new features to our mobile apps.  Currently we are working on adding Activity tracking.  This will give you the ability to track who attended the many different activities including campouts, hikes, service projects, meetings and more.

Also, if you have a few minutes to spare we could really use your help.  First, head over to the Android Market and rate our app.  Second, spread the word.  Let other leaders and parents know that this app is available for them to use.  We appreciate your support!


Never fear iPhone users, we have an app for you too.  Click here to download the app in the iPhone App Store:


iPhone App Available Today

We are excited to announce that our iPhone app has finally hit the App Store.  Just search the iPhone App Store for ‘etrailtoeagle’ to find it.  We have also included a direct link to the app below.


Our iPhone app contains all of the features that our Android app has.  Some of the key features include:

  • View and mark off progress on ranks and merit badges
  • View merit badge progress for everyone in the troop
  • View address book of scouts, leaders and parents.  Click to dial and click to map are available in the address book.
  • Add new scouts right from the app.

1photo 4

This is version 1.0 and we are excited to publish updates on a continual basis.  Right now we are working on adding Activity tracking.  Soon you will be able to create/view activities and record attendance for those activities.  If you are like us, you need the ability to track this information on the spot or sometimes it will get recorded late or not at all.

This app is created for the iPhone but will run on the iPad as well.  We have plans to create an iPad version, but that will be later this year.

Give the app a try and make sure you rate the app and leave us some comments in the App Store.  We will use your feedback to help enhance and improve the app over time.

Follow us on Facebook and read this blog to stay up to date on our progress.  We have some great new features coming to our website that we can’t wait to tell you about.