iPhone App Available Today

We are excited to announce that our iPhone app has finally hit the App Store.  Just search the iPhone App Store for ‘etrailtoeagle’ to find it.  We have also included a direct link to the app below.


Our iPhone app contains all of the features that our Android app has.  Some of the key features include:

  • View and mark off progress on ranks and merit badges
  • View merit badge progress for everyone in the troop
  • View address book of scouts, leaders and parents.  Click to dial and click to map are available in the address book.
  • Add new scouts right from the app.

1photo 4

This is version 1.0 and we are excited to publish updates on a continual basis.  Right now we are working on adding Activity tracking.  Soon you will be able to create/view activities and record attendance for those activities.  If you are like us, you need the ability to track this information on the spot or sometimes it will get recorded late or not at all.

This app is created for the iPhone but will run on the iPad as well.  We have plans to create an iPad version, but that will be later this year.

Give the app a try and make sure you rate the app and leave us some comments in the App Store.  We will use your feedback to help enhance and improve the app over time.

Follow us on Facebook and read this blog to stay up to date on our progress.  We have some great new features coming to our website that we can’t wait to tell you about.

8 thoughts on “iPhone App Available Today

  1. It looks like this is registered as a new app, instead of an update to the one I already bought from you. What about the app I already paid for that hasn’t been working for at least the last month?

    1. In our haste to provide a mobile platform, we had another company create our first iPhone app. However, the app often became outdated and unusable as we made enhancements to our website and added new features. So, we asked the company to remove the app so our new app could take it’s place.

      We are investing heavily into the development of both iPhone and Android apps. All proceeds from the sale of the prior iPhone app went directly to that other company. We don’t anticipate recouping our full investment as the cost for developing these apps are significant and ongoing. But we feel the future of our services will rely on our ability to provide applications on mobile devices.

      If the cost of the app is an issue for you, please e-mail us at support@etrailtoeagle.com and we will work something out. Thanks everyone for your support.

  2. After using a few other products while waiting for this app, version 1.1 leaves me wanting in almost every area. I realize that this is the first release, and I hope it will get better in the future. Here are a few things you should seriously consider.
    1) scrolling through the “Roster” page is super annoying. You have to click in just the right spot. Why not just have regular scrolling like going through your phone contacts? Also, the boys full name does not appear, Just “Cars…” or “Mich…”
    2) The address book needs to link to email and phone applications. For example, by clicking on the phone number, you should be able to call that person. Or clicking the email should bring up a new mail message. Also, if the boys info is incorrect, there needs to be a way to edit that info, or add a boy altogether.
    3) Merit Badges. I had hoped that at least the actual merit badge information would appear, and perhaps the ability to track their progress to earning each one.

    When compared to your website, the app is annoying and a let down. Are these things going to be addressed? “ScoutTrail” or “Trail to Eagle” apps are far more informative than eTrail, although your app is created for the leaders to track scouts, it needs to contain more information similar to what can be found at the website.

    The website is great, by the way. Well done there. I have to say, however, that if the app doesnt improve, I want my money back.

  3. The cost your your entire service is so cheap i’m happy to pay $1.99. I also bought the old app too.


  4. Very awesome. Glad to have this! Looking forward to the updates as well. Will you add Duty to God?

  5. Any plans to include the Duty to God tracking with this app?

  6. The partial merit badge does not seem to work for me. I went under a scouts record, went to MB section, picked the merit badge. Enter notes and left the date blank and clicked add merit badge. I get a message stating that I need to put in a date.

    1. This will be fixed in our new release coming out later this week.

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