iPhone update 1.0.2 now available

We have just released the first update to our iPhone application.  Make sure you visit the App Store to get the update.  We appreciate the feedback that we have received to help improve the app.

In this release we have fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug when trying to add or update a partial merit badge
  • Fixed scroll bar guide on Troop Roster page.  If you had a long patrol name, the scroll bar would get in the way.
  • Fixed the calendar bug when adding a new scout and selecting their birthday
  • Fixed a bug with read-only leader being able to add a scout
  • Renamed the Delete button to “Edit” on the Merit Badge page

We have also added the following features:

  • Added Partial Merit badge filter button to merit badge pages. Allows you to easily see all partials for a given badge
  • Added ability to click on an e-mail address in the address book and launch e-mail application
  • Added ability to click on phone numbers in the address book and launch the dialer


We are working on 1.0.3 right now which will include Activity tracking.  We hope to have that ready soon.

If you haven’t purchased our iPhone app yet, please visit the App Store today.



Android update adds Partial Merit Badge Filter and Tablet Support

We are working hard to bring continuous updates to our mobile apps.  Today we released version 1.2.7 for our Android App.  The new update brings two new features:

First, is a Partial merit badge filter for the Merit Badges page.  This allows you to see partial merit badges on one page.


Second, we enabled the app to run on tablets.  If you are using an Android tablet, please give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues!

This update should be hitting the Google Play Store any time now.


Get it on Google Play

ScoutNET Capability

We know you have been waiting for this and we are glad to finally give it to you.  You can now submit your advancement records from eTrailToEagle to the BSA’s Internet Advancement Website, otherwise known as ScoutNET.

Many councils now require that you use ScoutNET to submit advancement records.  This meant you had to enter all your advancement records twice.  Now we have solved that problem.  Using our ScoutNET feature, you can easily upload to ScoutNET all of your eTrailToEagle advancement records.

Visit our ScoutNET Instructions page for step by step instructions of the entire process.


If you have any questions on how to use this feature, please let us know at support@etrailtoeagle.com.