iPhone app has been updated

We have fixed a number of bugs in our latest version of our iPhone app.  Please make sure you update to version 1.0.5.  Our app gives you instant access to your advancement records.  You can record merit badges, rank advancements and activity information.

For example, let’s say you are at a service project.  Quickly pull out yout phone while you are there and record who was in attendance and how many hours each participant provided.

We are excited to hear your feedback on our app.  If you have ideas on how to make it better or easier to use, please let us know by sending an e-mail to support@etrailtoeagle.com.



Have you read the new Swimming merit badge requirements?

New requirements were released for the Swimming merit badge. Read the following blog to educate yourself on what has changed.


Here is a quick summary of the changes according to the article:

The new requirements focus more on teaching Scouts correct stroke mechanics while continuing to emphasize basic water skills. Previous requirements like snorkeling, competitive swimming and CPR (which Scouts learn more fully in other merit badges anyway) have been removed.

With the new requirements, the goal is to teach Scouts to swim with greater ease and efficiency, as well as keep them safe in and around the water.

Are you going to start your troop on the new requirements this summer?