ScoutNET Instructions

Many Councils require that you submit advancement data via the BSA’s Internet Advancement website (ScoutNET).  We now provide export files that you can use to upload to ScoutNET.  Please note the following items before continuing:

Setup your BSA Internet Advancement Account
If you haven’t registered to use BSA’s Internet Advancement, make sure you do this first.  Once you can login successfully you are ready to continue.

Scout’s name must match in both systems
Make sure each scout’s name is exactly the same on as it is on the BSA’s Internet Advancement site.  The name the BSA uses is the one you use at time of rechartering.  Some scout’s may not go by their first name.  For this scenario, we have added a new “Nickname” field.  When you enter a Nickname for a scout, we will display their nickname on but when it is time for using ScoutNET, we will use their first name.

Birthdays must match
Make sure each scout’s birthday is entered accurately on  If the birthday doesn’t match what is on the records with the BSA, the upload will not work.

LDS Troops – Pay attention
When LDS Troops re-charter, they group their scouts into a Troop, a Team and a Crew.  You need to update the record for each scout on to let us know which unit type they belong to.  This is easy to change under the scout’s profile.  We added a new “Unit Type” field.  Once this is set, you can continue to the next step.

In addition, some LDS Troops have separate numbers for Troop, Team and Crew.  We will ask for these numbers just before we create your ScoutNET file.

Once you have verified your records based on the information above, you can continue and use our ScoutNET feature.

Step 1 – Download advancement file from

  1. Visit our new Court of Honor page
  2. We have added a new column called ScoutNET.  Any award that doesn’t have a check in the ScoutNET column will be considered for inclusion in the download file.
  3. When you records looks accurate, click on the new Internet Advancement Tab
  4. Select a Unit Type
  5. Enter your Troop, Team or Crew number.  This number must be 4 digits.  If your Troop number is 849, make sure you enter 0849.
  6. Enter a Start Date.  Note: this will bring back all records that don’t have a check in the ScoutNET column starting on the date you select.
  7. Click “Display Report”
  8. Review the list of awards that will be included in your download file
  9. Once the list has been reviewed, click the Download ScoutNET File
  10. Save this file in a location where you can get to it later.  Don’t open the file in Excel and then save it.  Just save it to your Downloads folder.  If you open and save the file using Excel, it will render the file invalid when you try to upload it to the BSA.
  11. We recommend that you leave this browser tab open while you complete the next step.
Step 2 – Upload file to BSA’s Internet Advancement website
  1. Open a new tab in your browser and visit the BSA Internet Advancement website
  2. Click on the Returning User button.  NOTE: If you haven’t logged into this site yet, you must contact your local council to get registered.
  3. Login using your Unit ID and password
  4. Click “Continue” for the “1. Load Roster” step.
  5. Click on the “Upload Advancement File” button
  6. Browse to the file you downloaded from eTrailtoEagle. The file should be named something like this: ADVxxxxx.csv.
  7. After the file has been uploaded, the processing will begin.
  8. If you decide to stop the upload file processing, click Cancel Upload and you will go to Stage 2 – Update Member.
  9. Internet Advancement will match the members in your file with your registered youth members and exact member matches will be processed automatically.  If the names don’t match exactly, you will need to update the scout’s information on and then start this process over.
  10. Click on Review Advancement Report to see the results of upload file processing.
  11. You may make other additions or changes as necessary before submitting this report.
Step 3 – Return to eTrailToEagle’s Court of Honor Page
  1. Visit our new Court of Honor page
  2. Put a check in the ScoutNET column for each award that you sent to ScoutNET.
  3. Make sure you click on the “Save Changes” button
Step 4 – Print the Shopping List Report
  1. It’s time to head to your local Scout Shop and purchase the awards that you need.  Our Shopping List Report will let you know exactly what you need to purchase.
  2. Once you purchase your awards, don’t forget to update the Court of Honor page with those awards that you purchased.
These are the general steps to upload your advancement data to ScoutNET.  Please let us know how we can improve the above instructions to make this process easier for everyone involved.
Thanks, Team

12 thoughts on “ScoutNET Instructions

  1. I am saving a Excel file saving to csv is not being accepted by the scoutnet. I need help getting the correct file type so it will accept it. An email or phone call would be great cell 801 694-8005 thanks John

    1. I had the same problem. When the file is first generated, it was placed in my downloads folder. I did not open and save this file (if I did, it did not work in scoutnet). Rather, I used the filed directly placed in my downloads folder and it worked.

      1. You are correct. Once you download the ScoutNET file from our site, don’t open and edit it in Excel. If you have to edit the file (NOT RECOMMENDED), only use Notepad or some other text editor. If you use Excel and then save the file, it will render the file invalid when you try to upload to ScoutNET.

  2. I found the solution, I saved the file rather than opening it then saving it and it went right through. Thanks, I love etrail.

  3. I am having another problem, our troop, team, and crew all have differant unit numbers, when I save the file it uses the troop # for troop, team, and crew. It doesn’t jive with scoutnet and I get this error message.
    ** ERROR: Your UMS data file format is invalid.

    Possible reasons:

    The file loading process failed — You can retry loading the UMS file again.

    Your UMS upload file is corrupted or has been altered — You can generate a new one and retry the upload process.

    Your UMS upload file does not meet the interface standard for Advancement. — Please contact your UMS vendor for assistance.

  4. Same problem. ScoutNet didn’t take the csv file, I tried to save it as an Excel file and it wouldn’t take that either. Bugs, they are pesty little things. Let me know when it is fixed. Looking forward to using the new function.

    1. If you are running into problems using the ScoutNET feature, please e-mail us at We will need your account information so we can work with you on resolving the issue.

  5. We have updated our ScoutNET feature today. Now you can specify Troop, Team and Crew numbers. This is especially needed for LDS Troops that have separate numbers for Troop, Team and Crew. Please note that the number needs to be 4 digits. If your Troop number is 849 then you need to enter 0849.

    Also, once you download the ScoutNET file from our site, don’t open and edit it in Excel. If you have to edit the file, only use Notepad or some other text editor. If you use Excel and then save the file, it will render the file invalid when you try to upload to ScoutNET.

    If you run into any issues, please e-mail us at with details and we will help you out!

  6. When I cliked the “Download ScoutNET file” it did not give me the option to save it anywhere else. I clicked on open and I see it is in excel so I did not save it, I just closed the file. How can I save it somewhere else?

  7. We have just finished updating all our information and getting is aligned in the ScoutNet database. Can you download from ScoutNet?

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